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5 simple tips to make feeding your baby easier

With Ruthy from Percolate Kitchen

  • 1 Ask for help, take the help

    It can be hard to let go of the reigns and let others step in, but allowing help – and seeking it out if needed -is so incredibly important that it’s the first thing I tell all new parents. We’re not meant to do this on our own. Allow Your Village to step in, or build a village around you if you must.

  • 2 Get into a routine

    This doesn’t have to mean checking off the same items on a to-do list every day or sticking to a strict schedule, but babies (and mamas and papas!) thrive on routine! Not only that, routines can really help quiet your mind at the end of a busy day.

  • 3 When it comes to baby food, start with the basics

    Babies are like anyone else; they have likes and dislikes! Their mealtime preferences are no different. Instead of jumping off the deep end with different flavor combinations from the get-go, start small. Give your child singular flavors for their first meals, and build from there.

  • 4 Listen to your child’s cues

    Like their likes and dislikes, babies have an innate tendency to know when they’re full. As parents, we should honor this from the start. Go slow with their first meals; let your child decide how much and which items to eat, and what’s on the menu. Bonus? Hone this now, and it will pay off later in the picky eater years!

  • 5 Later on, think outside the box

    Once you’ve nailed your routines, started with the basics, and gotten comfortable with your child’s hunger cues, it is time to play. Get creative with flavor combos and open up your child’s taste buds to new flavors and textures. A baby’s taste buds are like a book that hasn’t been written; why not fill the pages with creative tastes and flavors? Have fun with it!

About Ruthy

Ruthy Kirwan is a work-at-home recipe developer, recipe tester, and cooking instructor living in New York City with her hard-working husband and two young kids. Her passion is helping busy parents reduce the overwhelming stress of weeknight cooking by sharing simple recipes and time-saving strategies. Come check out her tips (or vent in the comments about picky kids not eating vegetables) at